Monday, December 21, 2009

The Psychology of Testing

Testing is performed with the primary intent of finding faults in the software, rather than of proving correctness. Testing can therefore be perceived as a destructive process. The mindset required to be a tester is different to that of a developer.

There are right and wrong ways of presenting faults to authors or management (give examples). It is important to communicate between developer and tester: e.g., changes to the application or menu structures that might affect the tests; or where the developer thinks the code might be buggy; or where there might be difficulty in reproducing reported bugs.

Generally it is believed that objective, independent testing is more effective. If author tests then assumptions made are carried into testing, people see what they want to see, there can be emotional attachment, and there may be a vested interest in not finding faults.
Levels of independence, such as:
  • test cases are designed by the person(s) who writes the software under test;
  • test cases are designed by another person(s);
  • test cases are designed by a person(s) from a different section;
  • test cases are designed by a person(s) from a different organisation;
  • test cases are not chosen by a person.

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At August 18, 2010 at 4:04 AM , Blogger neetu said...

Its true that testing is a destructive process but also it improves the product there by correcting all the errors contained in it and makes it more efficient and error free. Software Testing Services


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