Monday, January 11, 2010

Types of Testing - Part II

Functional System Testing - functional requirements; requirements-based testing; business process-based testing

Functional requirement as per IEEE definition, which is “A requirement that specifies a function that a system or system component must perform”.

Requirements-based testing – where the user requirements specification and the system requirements specification (as used for contracts) may be used to derive test cases.

Business process-based testing – based on expected user profiles (e.g. scenarios, use cases, etc.).

Non-Functional System Testing - non-functional requirements; non-functional test types: load, performance and stress; security; usability; storage; volume; installability; documentation; recovery

Explain that non-functional requirements are as important as functional requirements.

Integration Testing in the Large - testing the integration of systems and packages; testing interfaces to external organisations (e.g. Electronic Data Interchange, Internet)

Integration with other (complete) systems.

Identification of, and risk associated with, interfaces to these other systems.

Incremental/non-incremental approaches to integration.

Integration Testing in the Small - assembling components into sub-systems; sub-systems to systems; stubs and drivers; big-bang, top-down, bottom-up, other strategies

Integration testing tests interfaces and interaction of modules/subsystems.

Role of stubs and drivers.

Incremental strategies, to include: top-down, bottom-up and functional incrementation. Non-incremental approach (“big bang”).

Maintenence Testing - problems of maintenance; testing changes; risks of changes and regression testing

Testing old code – with poor/missing specifications.

Scope of testing with respect to changed code.

Impact analysis is difficult – so higher risk when making changes – and difficult to decide how much regression testing to do.

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